Expecting: Jessica | Guelph Maternity Photographer

I adore everything about this session.  The location. The amazing love and connection between my beautiful clients. Their fur baby, Edward.  And I absolutely LOVE it when my clients are up for anything and allow me to be creative.  I have so many favourites from this stunning maternity session, and I am very much looking forward to meeting their new addition next month! Thank you so much J & M for braving the bugs and spending your evening with me.  The images we created together were totally worth it.

Family of Four | Guelph Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family on a warm, sunny evening in June at one of my favourite locations here in Guelph.  Everyone was a joy to work with. The girls were absolutely adorable, and I loved their outfit choices.  I have so many favourite images from our time together! K & G – Thank you for sharing your evening with me (and for braving the bugs!). I loved having the opportunity to meet the four of you while creating some updated portraits for your family. I hope you enjoy your images for years to come!

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Expecting: Lauren | Guelph Maternity Photographer

I love my job, I really do. And there is something different about each type of session that I photograph. But maternity sessions. There’s just something about them that I just adore. Whether it be in-studio or outdoors, I just love having the opportunity to photograph a glowing, pregnant mama and expectant couple as they await their new arrival. This genre of photography just fills my heart with joy, and I am always honoured to be a part of capturing some special memories of this special time in a couple’s lives.  I had the privilege of meeting and photographing this lovely couple last month during a beautiful evening session outdoors.  You can’t tell by looking at the images, but the bugs were out in full force that evening, but as I said at the time, “the photos will be worth it, I promise!” … and I think I was right!  This mama-to-be was simply radiant, and I am so looking forward to meeting their baby boy in a few weeks.  L & J: Thank you for sharing your evening with me, and for allowing me to document this special time for you both!

Two Peas in a Pod: Owen & Norah | Guelph Baby Photographer

Once again, I am hugely behind on my blogging {covers face in shame}, but I’m going to make an effort to play catch-up over the next few days. 😉

I had the utmost pleasure seeing twins Owen & Norah again for their “sitter” milestone session.  I think my face hurt a bit after their session from smiling and laughing so much.  These babies are absolutely adorable and were SO fun to photograph at the 7-month mark.  Here are a few favourites from our time together…

Guelph baby photographer

Baby Milestone Session in Guelph Guelph baby photographer baby milestone session Guelph photographer   Guelph baby photography

Expecting: Timeless Maternity Portraits | Cambridge Pregnancy Photographer

There has been a lot of talk this past week about a certain celebrity’s maternity portraits. In fact, the internet and social media sites exploded in response to not just the couple’s exciting pregnancy news, but specifically in regards to the images themselves. Everyone has an opinion. I mean honestly, when viewing the main announcement portrait for the first time, it’s kind of hard not to have an opinion. It’s colourful, unique and out of the norm, to put it mildly. But here’s the thing: Every artist has a vision. And their own personal style.  And every client who hires an artist has their own personal vision and expectations for what they want to achieve with their portraits. When an artist and client (who in this case is also an artist herself) put their visions together and collaborate their ideas, then art happens. Magic happens.

Art is subjective. And as an artist myself, I find comfort in that fact. There really are no rules. You don’t have to fit within a certain mold and are free (and expected!) to break through the barriers, to think outside the box and create new things. The final result may not be well received by others, but as long as the client is happy and the artist has fulfilled his/her responsibility in not only making the client happy but feeling creatively fulfilled themselves, then truly, that is the only thing that matters.

So back to those famous celebrity maternity portraits that everyone is talking about. Maybe that is the point. People are talking about them. The whole world is talking about them. Those images have received a TON of attention and publicity. Maybe that was the intent? I don’t know for sure.  Are they my cup of tea?  No, not at all. But that’s not what’s important. My opinion doesn’t matter.  I am sure that the person who hired the photographer and paid for the photographs loves them, otherwise she would not have chosen to share them for all to see. And let’s get back to the main point – Twins!!  What a truly exciting blessing!

As a photographer myself, I have my own personal style. Simple, beautiful, and timeless. My style may not appeal to everyone, and that is totally okay. No hard feelings at all.  But those who my style does appeal to, and who choose to work with me, I am always grateful. When I approach each and every portrait session (in this case, maternity portraits), my goal is to take into consideration what my client envisions for her session, and then create something that represents both of our styles and goals, and have her be in love with the end result. I want to create art that both my client and I are proud to share. And when that happens, my heart is full.

And now let’s get to a recent maternity session that achieved just that.  One that allowed me to give my client what she asked for, all while staying true to my own personal style and resulting in images that I am proud to share.  It was such a pleasure working with this beautiful couple to capture their pregnancy, and I wish them all the best as the prepare to welcome their new arrival any day now!

New Arrival: Baby Kennedy | Guelph Newborn Photographer

Miss Kennedy arrived a few weeks before Christmas. What a perfect and beautiful gift for her parents!!  What a little beauty she is, and she was soooo good for her newborn debut!!  Here are some favourites from her session…

2017-01-05_0016 2017-01-05_0017 2017-01-05_0018 2017-01-05_0019 2017-01-05_0020 2017-01-05_0021 2017-01-05_0022Newborns sessions are completed within the first 14 days of baby’s arrival.  I am currently taking bookings for February-June due dates! Email info@definingmomentsphotography.ca for more information or to book your session into my calendar!

Baby’s First Year: Happy Birthday, Abigail! | Mississauga Baby Photographer

I seriously have THE best job!  Not only am I able to capture special memories and imagery for families, BUT sometimes I am let in on little secrets that turn out to be MASSIVE and EXCITING family announcements!  I was truly honoured to have had a part in helping to announce their special news.  When clients trust me to capture these special milestones in their lives… It really means so much!  It was such pleasure seeing little Abigail and her parents again, and I am beyond thrilled to be able to capture their new arrival later this spring!!!


2017-01-05_0029 2017-01-05_0030 2017-01-05_0031 2017-01-05_0032

New Arrival: Baby Reeyin | Cambridge Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Reeyin’s family this past summer when we captured him as just a bump in his mama’s belly.  In October, I was welcomed into his family’s beautiful home in Cambridge to capture some newborn and family portraits via an in-home lifestyle session.  Reeyin’s name means “Kingly” – and when his mama mentioned that to me, I knew I just had to bring along this special crown prop to include in one of the shots.  It turned out to be one of my favourites from the session.
2017-01-05_0001 2017-01-05_0002 2017-01-05_0003 2017-01-05_0004 2017-01-05_0005 2017-01-05_0006

Baby’s First Year: Happy Birthday, Sydney! | Guelph Baby Photographer

First Year Sessions are oh-so-much-fun!!  I love having the opportunity to photograph a little one’s first year milestone…especially so when I first had the opportunity to photograph the little one as a newborn!  I have had the pleasure of capturing Miss Sydney a few times over the course of the year, and although she has grown and changed each time, she has always been such a happy and sweet little girl!  Here are some favourites from her First Year Session this past Fall…


2017-01-05_0026 2017-01-05_0027